Andre Matos

A Lapse In Time

Andre Matos

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A Lapse In Time

 I've never been 
 The ordinary man 
 The world begin 
        D                    C           G 
 Like every story does, my friend 

 I won't come down 
 To where I was back then 
 And nice mirage of love 
     D             C     G     D   G 
 Has matter single in my heart, my friend 

 But when the white fog descends 
 Over the meadows of light 
 And when the milking way descends 
 And shatters the meadows of light 
                               G                             D 
 It's time to stand up, stand up and walk 
                      C                                 G 
 Walk all alone, down the same road 

   C                      G 
 I could feel again 
              C                   G 
 'Cause I long for the answers lost 
             C                     Em 
 And I'd change everything 
               C           D          G 
 If I could have a lapse in time 

          C                      G 
 And I could feel again 
             C            G 
 Before going insane for good 
              C                    Em 
 I would change all mistakes of mine 
            C      D           G 
 With just a lapse in time 

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