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Muskrat Love Chords


Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

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Muskrat Love

    1. Muskrat, muskrat candlelight.
       Doin' the town and
       Doin' it right
       In the evenin',
       It's pretty pleasin'.
    2. Muskrat Susie, muskrat Sam
       Do the Jitterbug
       Out in muskrat land,
       And they shimmy,
       And Sammy's so skinny.
                A                G#m            F#m     
 Ref.: And they whirled, and they twirled and they tangoed.
        A           G#m        F#m  
       Singin' and jinglin' the jango.
        A                 G#m   F#m   
       Floatin' like the heavens above.
                      Dmaj7         Emaj7
       It looks like muskrat love.
    3. Nibblin' on bacon, chewin' on cheese.
       Sammy says to Susie
       "Honey, would you please
        Be my missus ?"
       And she says yes
       With her kisses.
    4. And now he's ticklin' her fancy,
       Rubbin' her toes.
       Muzzle to muzzle, now
       Anything goes
       As they wiggle,
       And Sue starts to giggle.
 Ref.: And they whirled ...
        Emaj7  Amaj7  Emaj7

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