Amanda Palmer

Blake Says

Amanda Palmer

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Blake Says


   E         B      A 
Blake says no one ever really loved him 
           E        B       A 
They just faked it to get money from the government 
      E            B      A  
And Blake thinks angels grow when you plant angel dust 
      E         B        A 
He shakes his head and blinks his pretty eyes, but trust me 
 C#m          A 
He's no valentine 
           C#m              A 
Though he said he would be mine 
     C#m          B             A 
His heart is in Alaska all the time 

   E         B    A 
Blake stays underwater for the most part 
       E            B         A 
He collects loose change for all tomorrow's parties 
           E          B          A 
And when Blake dates girls with tattoos of the pyramids 
     E            B         A 
He breaks their hearts by saying it's not permanent 
    C#m            A 
But in his velvet mind 
    C#m                   A 
He believes with all his might 
      C#m        B            A 
We'll all go to Alaska when we die 
E            B           A 
Blake makes friends but only for a minute 
     E           B         A 
He prefers the things he orders from the internet 
     E             B       A 
And Blake's been having trouble with his head again 
     E         B         A 
He takes his pills but never takes his medicine 
     C#m              A 
He tells me that he's fine 
        C#m               A 
And the sad thing is he's right 
     C#m              B                  A 
And when it's two o'clock it feels like nine. 

  E        B       A 
Blake says he is sorry he got through to me 
    E      B        A                                  E 
If it's okay he'll call right back and talk to the machine 
       B         A         
Blake says it looks like acid rain today 
     E        B      A 
He takes the fish inside, he's very kind that way 
     C#m            A 
But just like Caroline 
     C#m            A 
He doesn't seem to mind 
      C#m             B              A 
The globe is getting warmer all the time 

C#m            A 
It's still cold in Alaska 
C#m            A 
It's still cold in Alaska 
C#m            A 
It's still cold in Alaska  

Outro: E-B-A 

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