The Impossible Dream


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The Impossible Dream

Year: 1994 - Album: Prostitute

	  		Intro: D A Bm G (Em) | D A (A#m) Bm Bb | 
D              A 
  Sometimes it seems so strange 
Bm          G           Em   
  The way I feel for you 
D             A                 Bm    G Em 
  It makes my life so quiet and free 
D              A 
  And when you smile at me 
Bm               G           Em 
  It's just that special love 
D              A      A#m  Bm           Bb 
  That kind of liberty     I never felt before 
D             A            Bm 
  And I don't need to be a poet 
        G       Em   D 
I don't need to be a HERO 
           A       A#m Bm             Bb 
When all I need to do is keep on loving you 
D        A            Bm            G       Em     
  I just have to be me  and I don't need to be 
    D               A          Bm  
The stranger anymore I used to be 
G         Em     D 
  In my impossible dream 
I keep my fingers crossed 
I never want to lose 
This new found world that's so alive 
I'm so in love with you 
My heart has circled in the past 
The demons of deceit but now aside I've cast 


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