All Sons And Daughters

The Victory

All Sons And Daughters

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The Victory

Intro: C F Am F (2x) 
verse 1 

In the final breath 
Of love's great death 
C                                    F 
A cry that shattered the veil 
Am                      F 
Darkness ran as light floods in 
C                          Am 
Washing over this land 
G                    F 
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh 
Yours is the victory, Lord 

verse 2 

In the Kingdom of eternal love 
Injustice will not prevail 
And hopes arise 
With Heaven in sight 
And as Your people we sing 
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh 
Yours is the victory, Lord 

F So we shout for joy to the Lord G And all the earth will adore Am Let the oceans roar F Mountains bow before You F Now we lift up our praise G To God whose marvelous name Am Is High above it all F C The victory is Yours, Lord
Intro verse 3 In these holy days We celebrate Our God Your people are here No depth or height No grave or life No nothing will separate us Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh Yours is the victory, Lord the victory, Lord Bridge Dm Nations tremble G Enemies fall Am Our God and King F Has won the war Dm So raise the banner G Lift it high Am He reigns F Forev------er (x2) Chorus Ending C F Am F (2x) C (hold)

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