All Sons And Daughters

Christ Be All Around Me

All Sons And Daughters

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Christ Be All Around Me

verse 1 

       D                         A 
As I rise, strength of God 
      Bm                 G 
Go before, lift me up 
       D                    A 
As I wake, eyes of God 
         Bm                G 
Look upon, be my sight 

D A Bm G 

verse 2 

As I wait, heart of God 
Satisfy and sustain 
As I hear, voice of God 
Lead me on, be my guide 
           D  A 
Be my guide 

G Above and below me D Before and behind me Bm In every eye that sees me A Christ be all around me (2x)
verse 3 As I go, Hand of God My defense, by my side As I rest, breath of God Fall upon, bring me peace Bring me peace G Oh D Oh Bm Oh A Christ Be all around me (2x) Bridge A Your life, Your death Bm Your blood was shed G For every moment G (A) Every moment (4x)

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