Alicia Keys

Never Felt This Way

Alicia Keys

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Never Felt This Way

Year: 2001 - Album: Remixed & Unplugged in A Minor

	  		Intro: (C#m  E)  x2  G# 
            C#m                       B 
There will never come a day, you will ever hear me say, 
       F#m7                    A    G#  C#m                G# 
That I want, Or need to be without you,    I wanna give my all. 
           C#m                 B                   F#m7 
Baby just hold me, Simply control me, Because your arms, 
                    A     G#          C#m 
they keep away the loneliest, when I look into your eyes, 
  B                   F#m7                                   A         G# 
then I realize, All I need is you in my life, all I need is you in my life. 
         C#              E             G#    C#         E  G# 
Cause I never felt this way about lovin' no never felt so good baby 
 C#              E                      B      C#m 
Never felt this way about love, and it feels so   good 


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