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No Excuses Chords

Alice in Chains

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No Excuses

Year: 1994 - Album: Jar of Flies

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e------0----0---0/0----0---0----------0----0---0/0 B------0----0---0/0----0---0----------0----0---0/0 G------6----6---6/8------------8---8--6----6---6/8 D------7----7---7/9------------9---9--7----7---7/9 A------7----7---7/9--9---9---9---9----7----7---7/9 E------5----5---5/7--7---7---7---7----5----5---5/7
B11 It's alright B11 There comes a time Got no patience to search B11 For peace of mind B11 Layin' low B11 Wanna take it slow B11 No more hiding B11 Or disgusting truths I've sold G A Every day it's something B Hits me so cold G A Find me sittin' by myself B ********Should be Emaj7********* No excuses, then I know B11 It's okay Had a bad day Hands are bruised From breaking rocks all day Drained and blue I bleed for you You think it's funny Well, you're drowing in it too Yeah, it's fine

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