Alexi Murdoch

Toward The Sun

Alexi Murdoch

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Toward The Sun

Capo on 3rd fret

C                      G                  C 
See, the clouds are creeping towards the sun. 
C                 G                 C 
And I'm slipping away unseen by anyone. 
F                      C                G 
The light is turning gray, 
G            C 
The day is done. 

C                 G                C 
Water is so cold and heavy on my mind. 
C                        G                   C 
I dreamed of walking with you but I fell behind. 
F                C                   G 
Looking for a road,  
G             C 
I could not find. 

C                     G                     C 
And now the ice is stirring and spring is near. 
C                  G                        C 
There is no one calling but the sound is clear. 
F                        C                  G 
And though I'm not yet gone, 
G                  C 
I'm still not here. 

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