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Chattahoochee Chords

Alan Jackson

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by Andy

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Year: 1992 - Album: 16 Biggest Hits

	  Intro:Drums=4/Guitar=10,C G C  
CWell, way down yonder on the Chatta-hoochee it gets hotter  
than a Hoo-chie-coo-chie. We laid rubber on the Georgia  
ashalt, we got a little crazy but we never got caught  
FDown by the river on a fridday night a pCyramid of cans in the  
pGale moon ligCht. TaFlking bout cars and dream-in bout women.  
DNever had a plan just a lGivin for the minute.(Chorus)  
Yeah, wCay down yonder on the Chatta-Hoochee, never knew how  
much that muddy water Gmeant to mCe. But I learned how  
to swim and I learned who I was.  A lot a-bout livin and a 
Glittle bout loCve (Guitar solo F C G C7 F D) 
(2nd time fiddle solo F=7)	  
(Last pass end)A lot o-bout livin and Glittle bout loCve. 
(Drums=3/Guitar solo)  That's right. 
CWell. we fogged up the windows in my old chevy 
I was willin but she wasnt ready 
so, I settled for a burger and a grape sno-cone 
I dropped her off early but I didn't go home (pre-Chorus) 
GYeah, way down yonder on the Chattahoochee 
It gets hotter than a Hoo-Chie- coo-chie 
We laid rubber on the Georgia asphalt, we 
got alittle crazy but we never got caught  
(Fiddle sole F=7 Guitar Solo F C G C7 F D)(verse 2) 


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