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Livin On Love Chords

Alan Jackson

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by Andy

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Livin On Love

Year: 1994 - Album: Very Best of Alan Jackson

	  Capo 2nd fret	 
	  G		    D		    	 
Two young people, without a thing,  
	 G		       C 
say some vows and spread there wings  
	   G					D 
And settle down, just what they need, living on love 
	  G		       D	        
She don't care, bout what's in style,  
	 G		  C 
she just likes the way he smiles 
	 G		      D		      G			 
It takes more than marble and tile, living on love 
D G Living on love, buying on time, C G without somebody nothing ain't worth a dime C G D Just like an old-fashion storybook rhyme, living on love G D It sounds simple, that what's your thinking G C but love can walk through fire without blinking G D G It doesn't take much, when you get enough, living on love
G D Two old people, without a thing, G C children gone, still they sing G D side by side on that front porch swing, living on love G D G C he can't see, anymore, she can barely sweep the floor G D G Hand in hand they'll walk through that door, living on love Chorus 2x's C G D G No, it doesn't take much, when u get enough, living on love

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