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Here In The Real World Chords

Alan Jackson

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by Andy

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Here In The Real World

Year: 1989 - Album: 16 Biggest Hits

(Capo 1st Fret Slow 88pbm)  
Intro:G A D G D 
D Cowboys don't G cry,         
A And heroes don't D die. 
Good always Gwins 
A Again and againD. 
And love is a G sweet dreamA 
That always comes t Drue 
Oh, if life were like G the movies, 
A I'd never be Dblue.  G/D 
D But here in the rGeal world, 
It's not that easy at all  D, 
'Cause when hearts get b Aroken, A7 
It's real tears that f Dall. 
And darlin', it's sad G but true, 
But the one thing I've l D earned from you, 
Is how the boy don't al Emways F#m get the gi G rl, 
AHere in the realG world.  D G A D G D 
DI gave you my lo Gve, 
Bu At that wasn't Denough, 
To hold your hGeart 
WAhen times got Dtough. 
And tonight on Gthat silver scAreen, 
It'll end like it shDould, 
Two lovers will makeG it through 
A Like I hoped we wDould.  G/D 
(Repeat Chorus add) 
D No, the boy don't Emalways gF#met the giGrl 
HeAre in the reGal world. D A D 


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