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Forever's As Far As I'll Go Chords


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Forever's As Far As I'll Go

Year: 1990 - Album: The Essential Alabama

	  Intro:  D  C#m  F#m  D (repeat) 
I'll admit I could feel it 
     E/A                  A 
The first time that we touched 
And the look in your eyes 
 A                E 
Said you felt as much 
But I'm not a man 
Who falls too easily 
It's best that you know 
  A                   E  D  E 
Where you stand with me 
A D I will give you my heart A Faithful and true D And all the love it can hold C#m That's all I can do Fm But I've thought about C#m D How long I'll love you A Bm A/C# And it's only fair that you know D A Forever's as far as I'll go
When there's age around my eyes And gray in your hair And it only takes a touch To recall the love we've shared I won't take for granted You'll know my love is true 'Cause each night in your arms I'll whisper to you Repeat chorus

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