Al Green

Letī Stay Together

Al Green

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Letī Stay Together

Year: 1995 - Album: Al Green - Greatest Hits

Written by Al Green / Al Jackson, Jr. / Willie Mitchell


	Bbmaj7 Am7  Gm7  Am7  Bbmaj7 Am7  Gm7  C7 

Verse 1: 

	F            Dm9 
	I, I'm so in love with you 
	Whatever you want to do 
	Is all right with me 
	       Am7 Gm7       Fmaj7 Em       D9 
	'Cause you    make me feel so brand new 
	   Am7 Gm7        Fmaj7    Am7       D9 
	And I     want to spend my life with you 

Verse 2: 

	Since, since we've been together 
	Loving you forever 
	Is what I need 
	Let me be the one you come running to 
	I'll never be untrue 


	Gm9                  Am7 
	Let's, let's stay together 
	Lovin' you whether, whether 
	         Bbmaj7   Am7  Dm7       C 
	Times are good or bad, happy or sad 

String break: 

	Gm9              Abm9 Abmaj7     Gm9        Ab 
	 / / / /    / / / /    / / / /    / / / /    / / / /    / / / / 

	                 Bbmaj7   Am7  Dm7       C 
	Whether times are good or bad, happy or sad 

Verse 3: 

	Why, why some people break up 
	Then turn around and make up 
	I just can't see 
	You'd never do that to me (would you, baby) 
	Staying around you is all I see 
	(Here's what I want us to do) 

Coda (repeat to fade): 

	Gm9                     Am7 
	Let's, we oughta stay together 
	Loving you whether, whether 
	          Gm9   Am7  Gm7       C 
	Times are good or bad, happy or sad 


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