Al Gordon


Al Gordon

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C#m7  A2  E  B/D# 
C#m7  A2  E  B 

Verse 1: 
E      (F#m) (G#m) C#m  B 
King of Glo - ry,  King of Light 
  A          C#m B 
I see you, I see you 
E      F#m G#m C#m  B 
Shining in the face of Christ 
     A       C#m  B 
Your beauty illuminates with 
A/C#       B/D#     E        Bsus  B 
Brilliance brighter than the sun 
C#m7 A2 You are the One I love E B/D# You're glorious, glorious C#m7 A2 You have won my heart E Bsus B You're glorious, glorious
Verse 2: Face to face, my life unveiled I worship, I worship you You're my everlasting light Your glory captivates with Brilliance brighter than the sun Bridge: C#m7 A E B/D# And I won't turn my eyes away C#m7 A E B No, I won't turn my eyes away (x2) 2006 Thankyou Music (Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing) All rights reserved. International copyright secured.

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