Air Supply

Empty Pages Chords

Air Supply

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by peter

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Empty Pages

Year: 2007 - Album: The Best of Air Supply

(Graham Russell)

  		Intro: E - (B/E - E) - A x 2 - G#m - F#m7 
        E - A/E - E - A/E 
E               B/E E  A 
When you're out in front 
G#m      F#m         E (B - A/B) 
And your life is unsure 
E              B/E  E     A 
What have you got goin' for you 
(E/G#-G#m) F#m               E 
After          every road you turn 
     G#m            F#m7 
It's magic when you tell me, 
G#m           (E/G# - G#m)       F#m7  A/B 
And run your fingers through my hair 
E        B/E  E        A 
I don't need your persuasion, 
G#m     F#m          E - A/E - E - A/E 
Cos I'm already there. 
E      B/E  E   A 
I just read it through 
G#m  F#m        E   (B - A/B) 
And I said to myself 
E            B/E E  A 
That's not really you, 
G#m       F#m          E 
I'll keep myself to myself 
G#m               F#m7 
It's magic when you tell me, 
(G#m-E/G#) x 2              F#m7 A/B 
And write the words I want to see 
E        B/E  E     A 
When I reach the last line, 
G#m     F#m        E  A/E 
It's just empty for me. 
C#m       B         A    B   C#m        B           A  B 
I've been learning so long, about the things you do 
C#m       B         A              B  Bsus4 B7sus4/A x 2 
I've been learning so long about you, about you. 
E               B/D# (B - B/A)    G#m  C#7sus4 C#7 
Empty pages, I've read you all through 
F#m7           A                     B7sus4 x 2      B7 x 2 
Empty pages filled with spaces, I fell in and I fell in 
Repeat (*) 
Kenji Yanase 

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