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Aimee Mann

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G             E       C 
When you're a charmer  
G           E F C 
the apples fall  
    G    F#                          E 
and you're quite the little collector  
D            C 
you got 'em all  

G             E       C 
When you're a charmer  
G        E  F  C 
people respond     
     G              F#           E 
they can't see the hidden agenda  
D              C - keyboard riff 
you got going on  

E                  C          G          F# 
But when you're weak it's the Holy Grail  
E                  C          G      F# 
you're two for one, it's a fire sale  
E                  C          G      F#
and that's a wall that you cannot scale  
E                   C         G      F# 
so you're forced to burrow under  

G             E       C 
When you're a charmer  
G             E F C 
the world applauds  
      G                 F#    E       
they don't know that secretly charmers  
D                 C 
feel like they're frauds  

G             E      C 
When you're a charmer  
G          E F C 
you hate yourself  
  G          F#               E 
a victim of sideshow hypnosis  
     D        C 
like everyone else  

E             C              G          F# 
and then your thinking goes black and white 
E              C            G   F#  
and you're all hunger and appetite  
E         C          G      F# 
this is a battle you cannot fight  
E       C    G         F# 
no, you only can surrender 
E       C    G         F# 
no, you only can surrender 

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