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This Little Light Of Mine Chords

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Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by robepoiel

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This Little Light Of Mine

There?s a little flame inside us all 

Some shine bright, some shine small 

The rains will come and the waters rise 

But don?t you ever lose your light 

In this life you will know 

Love and pain, joy and sorrow 

So when it hurts, when times get hard 

Don?t forget whose child you are 

C This little light of mine G I?m gonna let it shine Am This little light of mine F G I?m gonna let it shine, gonna let it shine
C Am F C May you live each day with no regret Am Make the most of every chance you get F Let your eyes get wide when you look at the stars G With the same sense of wonder as a child?s heart C With the ones you love treasure the time Am And for those who are gone keep their memories alive F Hold on to your dreams don?t ever let go G There?s a fire inside you burning with hope Chorus Bridge: Am There will be days when you want to give up F When the clouds settle in Am But after the rain comes the sun G Don?t you ever forget C One day there will be no more pain Am And we will finally see Jesus? face F So until then I?m gonna try Dm F G To brave the dark and let my little light shine Repeat Chorus

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