Adam Carroll

The Girl With The Dirty Hair

Adam Carroll

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The Girl With The Dirty Hair

Capo on 5th fret
Intro in C
F C G C Scar face in the corner, he's looking for a fight F C G It sure looks good in Galveston tonight F C G Am And I'm right in the middle of the riff raff and the rough necks are wasting time F G C And the girl with the dirty hair says she'll be mine
Scarface used to tell me "gone are the fishing days" The cajuns fished the red fish all away I got that dirty haired woman says she'll be mine till the end Till the Cajuns stop dancing and the red fish come back again Chorus Solo If I had some sense I'd be five years gone Everyone I used to know they just moved on Me and mother ocean we stare into the night The boats are tied and there's not a soul in sight I thought to myself I'd have done it all by now I got stuck in Galveston some how She's twisting and she's churning, she won't leave me alone But the girl with the dirty hair said she'd drive me home Chorus

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chords Adam Carroll - The Girl With The Dirty Hair
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