A Fine Frenzy


A Fine Frenzy

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Intro: Em G A C 

    Em                G     A           C 
The time has come for giving up. I have lost. 

   Em            G      A        C 
I wanted once to become what I cannot. 

Em G A C 

    Em            G       A               C  
Why come to me so full of dreams? Well, go on. 

     Em                     G       A          C       G 
With feathered keys, you're mocking me. I am locked. 

     Em D G    C        G 
It's easier to pine, to pine. 

Em                                    G                             
  I can feel it through the fields of graves, a beating heart while 

Em                                     G                       A      C 
  Rolling hills are roaming through my veins and open arms and all is full of 


Em  D   G   C    G 
Oh, oh, oh, pining.  

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