2nd Chapter Of Acts

Easter Song

2nd Chapter Of Acts

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Easter Song

Capo on 5th fret



Hear the bells ringing  
                               F      G 
They?re singing that we can be born again 
Hear the bells ringing  
                                F        G 
They?re singing Christ is risen from the dead 

    Em     G/B  C 
The an  -  gel  up on the tombstone 
       Em     G/B    C 
Said, ?He has risen, just as He said 
Am      G       F 
Quickly now, go tell His disciples that 
Em    G/B       C 
Jesus Christ is no longer dead.? 

C   G/B     Am 
Joy to  the world 
G      F    C        F   C 
He has ri - sen, Hallelujah 
     G    D        G   D 
He?s ri - sen, Hallelujah 
     C    G/B      C           C 
He?s ri - sen, Hallelujah, Hallelujah  




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