18 Hertz

What About The Show

18 Hertz



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What About The Show

	  		                                    What About The Show 
                                           By: 18 Hertz 
                                       (Darrell Gilliard) 

You can listen to this funny funky song at www.garageband.com to get a feel for how it?s  
played. Look under the band name: 18 Hertz 

Verse 1 Riff: A5,   Low E Sting  ? G, A5,   Low E String -  G,  F#, G 

Verse 1 

My baby just told me 
I got to be free 
So I says to her 
Is it you or me 

Verse 2 

She said it?s over 
I got to go 
I said wait a minute baby 
What about the show 

She said no 

Verse 3 

Hey baby 
What about all the time 
We spent together 
You said that you?d love me 
Forever and ever 

Talking:  ?ya you did, you did, don?t shake your head no to me yes you did, you did, you said so last night? 

Verse 4 

Looking down on her 
From the window 
She?s getting in a car 
Oh no 

Verse 5 

The guy who?s drivin 
Is the dude next door 
Talking: ?Never saw that coming 

Play me some funky blues Chris I am feeling so low. That?s right that?s what I?m talking about. 
More fish in the sea I know I know lets go find us some. 

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