Wilson, Kevin Bloody

Missin' You

Wilson, Kevin Bloody

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Missin' You

	  		6/8 time, 54bps approx, country feel. 
Intro: D  D  D 
Verse 1: 
           D              A             D     D7 
No need to tell me, I can tell it's all over, 
      G            G             D      D7 
I can see that our love's on the rocks. 
     G              G              D           G 
I've known for some time, that the passion was dying, 
           E                 E             A  riff1 
'Cause the hand jobs and the head jobs had stopped. 
    D        A             D    D7         
And fuckin', fuckin' forget it, 
         G              G           D     D7 
Mosewell feed this here bone to the dog. 
       G          G                D              G 
And me heart is a breakin', and me love spuds are aching, 
        D         riff2  A      D 
And I'm missin' you, suckin' me cock. 
Verse 2: 
D         D                  A           D        D7 
I've lost count of the pearl necklaces I give ya, 
        G                G          D     D7 
And the facials from the odd tonsil prod. 
    G          G       D            G 
And I miss the way you smile as you gargle, 
        E             E           A   riff1 
Hold ya nose and then swallow the lot. 
              D          A     D                D? 
Now there's a unemployed sign, pinned on me fly, 
       G           G         D      D7 
And me zippers all rusty and locked. 
      G               G          D              G 
And I miss your sweet lips doin' tricks with me dick, 
        D         riff2  A      D    D7 
And I'm missin' you, suckin' me cock. 
bridge/verse3: (Continue straight in) 
             G              G              G       G 
Since you've stopped givin' head I've been wankin' instead, 
           D             D            D     D 
'Till I've near worn the fuckin' knob off. 
       E          E               E            E 
And me gonads are hurtin' they're bulgin' near burstin, 
        A           A            A9    riff1 
Now the suckin' and slurpin' has stopped. 
      D         D                D             D 
Can't wank fast enough 'cause it keeps backin' up, 
           G           G           D    D7 
Since your spittle has dried on me knob. 
       G           G            D       G 
And me sphincter's missin' your finger, 
        D         riff2  A      D 
And I'm missin' you, suckin' me cock. 
        D         riff2  A      D      G      A      D   
And I'm missin' you, suckin' me cock. 
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riff1 (D to A walkup) riff2 (A to D walkdown) A D D A e -0---------2-- e -2-------0-- b -2---------3-- b -3-------2-- g -2---------2-- g -2-------2-- d -2-------0-0-- d -0-------2-- a -0-0-2-4------ a ---4-2-0-0-- E -------------- E ------------ Chords used: D D7 A A9 G E D? (I just use D7) e -2--2--0--3--3--0--?-- (if anyone can work it out please let me know) b -3--1--2--2--0--0--?-- g -2--2--2--2--0--1--?-- d -0--0--2--2--0--2--?-- a -------0--0--x--2--?-- E -------------3--0-----

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