Trick Pony

On A Night Like This

Trick Pony


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On A Night Like This

	  		C     =   x32010               Bb     =   x13331 
F     =   133211               Gm     =   355333 
C    Bb   C   Bb   (x2) 
Verse 1 
C                      Bb 
Now when I was a young girl, 
                      C                 Bb 
My dad warned me about the opposite sex. 
C                                Bb 
He'd say "Yeah, that's just what you need 
                   C                Bb  
Some crazy boy with wild ideas, you know what always happens next." 
C               Bb 
I tried to heed his advice, 
C                       Bb 
But now I'm thinkin' it sounds kinda nice. 
F                Bb        C          F     Bb  C 
It's just what I need on a night like this, 
F                  Bb              C       F    Bb  C 
A long walk in the dark, someone I can't resist. 
F              Bb             C    F   Bb  C 
A little rendezvous, a little mystery, 
F                  Bb                  C           F     Gm 
And when I look at you, I think that's just what I need. 
Verse 2 
C                    Bb 
Now my momma told me, in this dog eat dog world, 
C                    Bb 
Baby, you gotta work harder than a man. 
C                                          Bb 
And she'd say, "Yeah, that's just what you need, 
Some romance book romeo callin' you at work 
And messing up your plans". 
C               Bb  
But night falls, I slow down, 
C                          Bb 
I start dreamin' about you comin' around. 
Bb             F                Gm           F 
The moonlight, the sweet bliss, melting with every kiss. 
Bb      F          C 
Dancin' real slow, when you hold me close I know, 
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MAIN RIFF THROUGH INTRO AND FIRST VERSE E--0---0h1---1----1-------0---0h1---1---- B--1---1-----3----3-------1---1-----3---- G--0---0-----3----3-------0---0-----3---- D--2---2-----3----3-------2---2-----3---- A--3---3-----1----1--1b---3---3-----1---- E----------------------------------------

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