Tommy Walker

Break Through

Tommy Walker

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Break Through

(Tommy Walker)

C  G/C  C  G/C  F  G/F  F  G/F 
             C  G/C 
Break through, 
             C       G/C 
break through all my doubts 
              F     G/F 
Break through, 
             F       G/F 
break through all my fears 
              Dm7  C/D 
Break through 
     Am/G  G          Csus C  G  Gsus 
That I may worship You 
             C  G/C 
Break through, 
             C       G/C 
break through all my pain 
              F  G/F 
Break through, 
       F            G/F 
all my guilt and my shame 
Break through, 
       Gsus G        Csus  C  G/C  C 
like only  You can do 
G F C You are brighter than my darkest night, G F C Stronger than my toughest fight G F C Just one touch from You, my King, my Friend C/D Dm C/D G7sus G And I?ll nev - er be the same again
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