Tim Barry

No News From North

Tim Barry

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No News From North

Written by Tim Barry


G                 D 
Endless days and nights alone 
C                       G 
A free trade zone with the curtains drawn 
G                       D                           C 
And Iím a drunken mess winning bets on never seeing Boston again 
G                           D 
Iím tired as hell about this off and on 
C                       G 
And back and forth and home, then gone 
G                      D               C 
And if Iím wrong then damn it, condemn me now, please 


D             C 
              Cause I canít breatheÖ  
G           D         C 
without you  Without you 
G           D        C 
Without youÖ without you 

verse 2 

G                              D 
That track was long and that train was fast 
C                              G 
And I stopped thinking back in Halifax 
G                       D               C 
And now I know that, Iíll never drink alone with you again 
G                              D 
I touched my feet to sand and pavement salt 
C                      G 
Called the Midwest my home this fall 
G                      D               C 
But it was never home, homeís just a distraction I invent 

D               C 
               When I can make rent 

G D C Iíll cover the cost of a flight for you to stay one night 2x
verse 3 G D C G Been tracing steps from months to years on stolen rides of tariff steel G D C Robbed the World Bank one of an affinity group or two G D Now my shade treeís gone and my dried leave bed C G Is level grade for a parking deck G D C And my key chainís as empty as my mood D C God damn, I still canít move
G D C Iíll cover the cost of a flight for you to stay one night 4x

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