Stoney Larue

Heather Grows

Stoney Larue


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Heather Grows

	  		Intro Chords: 
D  Bm  D  Bm 
D  Bm  D  Bm 
         D                  Bm 
Yea your daddy's supposed to work 
         D            Bm 
Too many bumps on the head 
    D                Bm 
He spends it? on his habits 
        D            Bm 
And the mouths to be fed 
D              Bm 
Momma she quit tryin'  
     D          Bm 
Bout age twenty-two 
       D              Bm 
You're just the right size 
    D                  Bm  
All gettin' left up to you 

D Em As if growin' up F#m Em Wasn't hard enough to do D Em There's so much more F#m Em The world's puttin' you through D Em Do you need some understandin' F#m Em Well, God only knows D Em F#m G That Heather is a flower D Bm And Heather grows
I've been around your family For 17 odd years Your brothers and your sisters Made you wise beyond your years Love and cucarachas Is all that there's a lot of If you ain't playin' momma Then the kids ain't bein' thought of Chorus Well the world upon your shoulders And your baby on the way Realize the stage your on And the part you've got to play Your life is not a tragedy You bring joy to everyday Love will come returnin' For all the love you gave away Chorus

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