Sisters Morales

Break This Fall

Sisters Morales


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Break This Fall

	  		Break This Fall 
Sisters Morales 
off their Some Place Far Away From Here CD 
Written by Roberta Morales 
Transcribed by Amanda Brown !!!!My first post!!!! 
(Intro)Am G C C 4x 
Am  G       C       C 
        Break this fall 
Am  G        C       C 
Let me down, quiet the moon 
Am  G       C        C 
I know Im not the only one  
Am  G       C       C 
You tried to fool 
Am  G       C       C 
Round and round here I go 
Am  G       C       C 
Same ol' song, nothin new 
Am  G       C       C 
Just a stone to kick and throw away 
Am  G       C       C 
Some how that won't do 

G Am C G So here I am telling you G Am C G But you're so far away G Am No more loneliness C (single strum) Never been here for me anyway Am G C C Can't you here what I'm sayin Am G C C (cute little vibrato voice thing, listen to CD) Am G C C
(" ") verse2- Am G C C My eyes are true Am G C C Find a new and everlasting love Am G C C One can choose better places Am G C C One can lose one's self (Chorus) Am G C C 4X (Chorus with vibrato 2 extra times) verse3- Am G C C Break this fall Am G C C Feel the water run through my feet Am G C C Touch the morning when its fresh and new Am G C C Something I learned to do (gradually get slower on the last verse)

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