Shannon Lawson

Just Like A Redneck

Shannon Lawson


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Just Like A Redneck

I got my favorite white cotton muscle shirt on 
I'm gonna sit around and drink all day long 
      G                                    D 
in my plastic pool, that I bought from the walmart 
cause it's sunday afternoon and it's time for the race 
I'm waitin' for Jr. to take first place, 
           G                      A 
but number 3 will always be in my heart 

D Ain't it just like a redneck Just like a redneck G Don't you wish you could be one too, D trade in your white collar for workin' man blues, A G every saturday night we get as rowdy as we can get D Just like a redneck Just like a redneck
well I love the lord and my 4x4, my two kids, who could ask for more got a tattoo on my arm dedicated to my wife she wears a little short shirt, like shania twain she went out and got herself a belly button ring man, she looks good, I love my life CHORUS LEAD G D G D A G D I've been waitin' for the mullet to come back in style, It's just about time, I've been waitin' a while Ole Billy Ray Cyrus ain't got a thing on me I've got an old Trans Am, I like to drive fast and I'm proud to fly my american flag, in the U S of A, where at least I know I'm free CHORUS Just like a redneck Just like a redneck Just like a redneck Just like a redneck

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