Sawyer Brown

Mama's Little Baby Loves Me

Sawyer Brown


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Mama's Little Baby Loves Me

	  		Verse 1 
E                                             D 
You came into this world your daddy?s girl 
D        A              E 
And your momma?s little baby 
E                                             D 
At the time I could see, nothing left for me 
D        A               E 
Till you got me thinking maybe 

A You came along when I was down to love?s last dime E With a heart of gold and a chance to make it mine A There ain?t no stopping love when its meant to be B A E Mama?s little baby loves me
Verse 2 same chords Ever since the dawn of time There?s been a woman on man?s mind Oh but sometimes she meant danger I guess I?m living proof Of what woman?s love can do To a man in the need of a savior Chorus twice

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