Sam And Ruby

Ain't Love Something

Sam And Ruby

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Ain't Love Something



Intro: D7sus4 D7 G Em Am7 (x2) 

G       Em      Am7            D7 
This is for the people holding hands 

G               Em               Am7       D7 
This is for the ones with broken hearts 

         G         Em 
What I'm trying to explain 

          Am7                   D7 
Is in our lives there'll come a day 

           G                   Em          Am7    D7 
When we'll find those feelings lost in the dark 

         G            Em 
It's the fallin', the flyin' 

    Am7         D7 
The losin', the tryin' 

          G            Em                 Am7     D7 
It's that crazy little thing that we call love 

G                Em 
When it comes to you 

Am7                  D7 
If I had to tell the truth 

          G                    Em                   Am7    
'Bout the mixed up thoughts my mind's been thinkin' of 


D7            G 
It's like the sunshine 

Em                Am7 
And it's like the rain 

D7           G            Em           Am7 
You bring me pleasure and you bring me pain 

       D7      G 
I'm in over my head 

    Em        Am7      D7 
Got you under my skin 

           G          Em    Am7   D7 
Ain't love somethin' 

G     Em  Am7 
Cheer up  

my little buttercup 

     G                    Em             Am7     D7 
Your eyes are filled with reasons not to stay 

       G             Em 
Let me say this once again 

         Am7           D7 
Not as a poet, as your friend 

                  G              Em 
The things you're thinking right now 

I think every day 

Chorus (x2) 

       D7      G 
I'm in over my head 

    Em        Am7      D7 
Got you under my skin 

Ain't love somethin' 

OUTRO: D7sus4 D7 G Em Am7 (2x) 

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