Rick Trevino

Running Out Of Reasons

Rick Trevino


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Running Out Of Reasons

Written by Bob Regan/George Teren

	  		Verse 1: 
There's a long stretch of black top uderneath a cloudless sky 
           E                                C 
There's my truck, washed and gassed up just itching for a ride 
   D                               C 
If this had been six months ago, I know what I'd have done 
             G              D          G 
But girl I'm running out of reasons to run 

D C I'm running out of reasons, I've lost that restless feeling D C Slowly I'm believing I'm where I'm supposed to be G Am Bm C When you hold me I feel no need to chase that setting sun G D G I'm running out of reasons to run
Verse 2: G There you stand smiling at me sunlight shining through your hair E C There's that door standing open but no rush to go nowhere D C I'm finding all I've searched for in this love that we've begun G D G But girl I'm running out of reasons to run Repeat Chorus Solo Repeat Chorus

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