Randy Travis

Better Class Of Loser

Randy Travis

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Better Class Of Loser

	  		Transcribed by Charles Evans 
           G                      C        G 
Im gettin out of this highrise penthouse sweat (spell check) 
  G                                D 
where we pretend lifes rosey and sweet 
      G                         C      G 
Goin back to the folks that I used to know 
 G                 D                G 
where everyone is what they seem to be 
 G                                    C              G 
And these highclass friends that you like to hang around 
 G                                         D 
when they look my way their always lookin down 
          G                           C      G 
And I'm tired of you spending every dime I make 
                        D                    G 
to finance this way of life I've learned to hate 
C G I'm goin back to a better class of losers G D This uptown livins really got me down G C G I need friends who dont pay thier bills on home computers A7 D and they buy thier coffee beans already ground C G C You think its disgraceful that they drink three dollar wi-i-ine G D G But a better class of loser suits me fine
(Second verse) You said the grass is greener on the other side but from where i stand i cant see grass at all and the concrete and the steel wont change the way you feel it takes more than caviare to have a ball (repeat chorus)

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