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Year: 1996 - Album: Greatest Hits

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Intro: (chords are G C F, same as Chorus) 1 2 3 + 4 + | 1 2 3 + 4 + | 1 2 3 + 4 + | 1 2 3 4 | e-----------0-0-----|---------3-3-----|---------0-0-----|-----------------| b---3-------------1-|---------------3-|---------------1-|-----------------| G---0-------0-0-----|---------------0-|---------0-0-----|-----------------| D-----------------3-|---------3-3-----|---------------3-|-----------------| A-------------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| E-------------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| G C F G C F (play 2x)
Verse 1: G Mom & Dad, I'm fine. How are you? F C I have joined a small circus (that much is true). G I'm a little malnourished, but try to relax. F C Could you find a better photo for the milk carton backs? Send money. F Runaway F where's your head? G dreamer's dreams G are grounded Chorus: (you can also play the intro here) G in reality C F that comes from above G God is calling C F there's no bigger love G C F It's his reality that welcomes us back G Trust and obey C F there is no other way G (hold) Verse 2: G Mom & Dad, I'm fair. How's life? F C Lent the money you sent me to the clown with the knife. G My career as an acrobat hasn't begun, F C but I'm busy giving blood and shoveling elephant dung. Send money. F Runaway F Why so tense? G dreamer's dreams G will make sense repeat Chorus Instrumental break: (play 2x) C (hold) (you can play the organ part while holding an open C chord)
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e---------------0---0---1-1----0---0------------ b---1----3-3---------------------------3-3----1- G--(0)------------------------------------------ D--(2)------------------------------------------ A--(3)------------------------------------------ E-----------------------------------------------
Bridge: F Runaway F blowing smoke G your folks are worried G (and going broke) F after the fall F is an all-new episode G reality G is the high road repeat Chorus 3x (2nd time no music) End: G in reality C F that comes from above G God is calling

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