New Riders of The Purple Sage

Glendale Train

New Riders of The Purple Sage

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Glendale Train

Written by John Dawson

G Somebody robbed the Glendale train C G This mornin' at half past nine G G Sombody robbed the Glendale train A D And I swear, I ain't lyin' G They made clean off with sixteen gee's C G And left two men lyin' cold G Somebody robbed the Glendale train D G And they made off with the gold
Charlie Jones was the engineer, he had twenty years on the line. He kissed his wife at the station dear, this morning at six thirty five Every thing went fine till half past nine when Charlie looked up and he saw. Men on horses, men with guns, and no sign of the law. Chorus. (tag no words). Amos White was the Luggage man, and dearly loved his job. The company rewarded him, with a golden watch and fob. Well Amos he was workin' time when the door blew off his car. The found Amos White in fifteen pieces Fifteen miles apart.

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