Mike Bowling

thank god for the preacher

Mike Bowling

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thank god for the preacher

	  		This is the way I play it....   G 
As I(G) walked down the sidewalk 
Of a sin stricken city 
I see the misfortunes at (C)hand 
A (D7)man in the gutter, lying there lifeless 
Clutching a bottle in his(G) hand 
He was some mother's darling 
Maybe some young son's father 
But now he's a prisoner to (C)sin 
No (D7)hugs in the morning and no family altar 
He gets by the best way he (G)can 

Thank God for the (C)preacher who told me of (G)Jesus For I'd be a (D)begger (D7)if not for His(G) grace Lord, help me show(C)others your love and your(G)mercy(G/F#) (Em)Make my life a (Am)witness(D7) to others I (G)pray
In a (G)little white church, At an old tearstained altar A prayer for God's mercy was (C)heard Though (D7)his sins were many And his burdens heavy He took the Lord at His(G) word The angels rejoiced as he was forgiven Shouts filled the temple that (C)day I will (D7)never get over that trip to the altar For I was that sinner who (G)prayed Chorus twice tag Lord, Help me show(C)others your love and your(G)mercy(G/F#) (Em)Make my life a (Am)witness (D7)to others I(G) pray

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