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Pointless Love

Micky & The Motocars


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Pointless Love

Written by Willy Braun

G  D  Em  Cadd9 twice 
G                   D 
Well she said don?t waste my time 
Em            D              G       D                            Em    C 
I only got a little left and I wanna spend it with someone that?s true 
G          D                 Em                       D  
And you?re just a kid with a wanderin? eye, you won?t want any part of this 
G          D                    Em  Cadd9 
So you can go and I won?t blame you 

C G Em Just don?t come back to my heart tonight D C G Cause you got drunk and you changed your mind G D Cadd9 It?s easy for you but it?s hard on me
Well baby I?m tired too Because you don?t want me unless it?s only you And I like to laugh to much bein? free, where I can do what I pleased And I don?t mind lettin? go because I don?t want you to hurt no more Andwhen I?m in your arms, I?m still outta reach Chorus Bridge: D Well baby I can?t hear you G Then you want me to be with you C D Why can?t you see it?s a pointless love Solo Chorus

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