Mark David Manders

San Angelo

Mark David Manders


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San Angelo

It?s been two days since I got paid  
And twice as long since I?ve shaved  
E 	                             A 
And I haven?t slept a wink since Abilene 
I got a pocket full of memories 
Where my money used to be  
And I think it?s time for me to leave 
San Angelo, San Angelo 
A 	                D             E 
I?m just trying to leave San Angelo 
San Angelo, San Angelo 
I?m just trying to leave San Angelo 
The manager at the hotel said 
?Who?s gonna pay for this mess?? 
He should know the customer is always right 
That table was cracked when I got here 
And how it gave way is still not clear 
But it?s a wonder I survived 
Just stopped by to pick up my keys 
And one more Bloody Mary, please 
That?s what I need to make it through the day 
I?ve got whiskey bumps in need of healing 
And judging from the way I?m feeling 
I?m getting much too old to play 
Repeat Chorus 

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