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Manic Depression

Jimi Hendrix Experience

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Manic Depression

Written by Jimi Hendrix

	  		A     G             D           A 
Manic Depression is touching my soul 
A              G             D           A 
I know what I want but I-I just don't know  
how to go about gettin' it 
E             G       D             C       G   
Feeling Sweet Feeling drops from my fingers fenders 
A     G                D 
Manic Depression has a captured my soul 
A           G             D           A 
Woman's so willing her sweet cause in vain 
     A              G         D           A 
You make love you break love it's all the same 
when it's-when it's over 
E             G       D             C       G   
Music Sweet Music I wish I could caress..caress...  
         A     G                D 
caress...Manic Depression is a frustrating mess! 
Christian Jordan ----- christian@bestromsites,com

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