Iris DeMent

The Shores of Jordan

Iris DeMent


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The Shores of Jordan

	  		I (C) looked up into heaven, 
I thought I'd (F) solve life's myste (C) ries. 
I (C) observed the constellations for a (G) clue to my destiny. 
But the (C) rhyme of life confounds me, 
Things will (F) be as things will (C) be. 
So I'll (C) dance the shores of Jordan 'till the (G) angels carry (C) me. 
I travelled to a prison, 
Saw my share of shattered dreams. 
Were the tables slightly tilted I could be bound they could be free. 
But I believe no tear goes wasted, 
And so I fell there on my knees. 
And vowed I'd dance the shores of Jordan 'till the angels carried me. 

I'm gonna (F) let my feet go dancing to my (C) very favourite song, 'Cause I (C) know my time for leaving is bound to (D) come before too (G) long. And there (C) ain't no way of me knowing how (F) tomorrow's gonna (C) be, So I'll just (C) dance the shores of Jordan (G) 'till the angels carry (C) me.
I saw a weary traveller heading down a dusty road. I said, "Friend may I help you, it seems you haul a heavy load." And he said, "Although my burden's heavy, in my heart I'm travelling light. So I can cross old river Jordan when I'm called to the other side." Chorus:

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