Gary P. Nunn

Why Don't You Meet Me Down In Corpus?

Gary P. Nunn


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Why Don't You Meet Me Down In Corpus?

	  		by Gary P. Nunn 
It's so C good to hear your voice  
On the F telephone 
But I'm G sorry to say,  
Don't think I'm coming C home 
But this C morning I was thinking,  
I could rent a car in F Santa Fe 
You could C leave tomorrow I could G leave today 
And we could C slip away 
CHORUS (same chords) 
Why don't you meet me down in Corpus 
There's just so much that I need to say 
If I could keep it on the interstate,  
I'd be there by Saturday 
But if you beat me down to Corpus 
Just find that little place we like to stay 
Take a day or two, make it all brand new 
On Corpus Christi Bay 
one verse instrumental 
Yes I know you get so tired of always being alone 
And I'm tired of thing, always being gone 
But for now we'll have to work a little harder 
Drive a little farther, do the best that we can 
Leave the baby with your mama 
The dog with the neighbor, baby, pack up your van 
Why don't you meet me down in Corpus

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