Gary P. Nunn

Guadalupe Days

Gary P. Nunn


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Guadalupe Days

G  Em  C – 4 times 
             G                Em            C 
Well there’s somethin' bout a river rollin' by 
          G              Em            C 
Makes you wanna jump off in and let it take you for a ride 
I can’t think of nothing better, to beat the weather on a chili pepper Texas day 
And I wish I was there just floatin’ right now with a big smile on my face 

Am D G Em C Oh, Guadalupe Days and the big star...Texas Night Am D G Em C Oh, Guadalupe Days and the big star...Texas Night
When the sun goes down and the stars come out and they dance, dance dance When the guitars' ring and the people sing it's a hill country romance And there’s magic in the moonlight and music in the air And there's a firelight burning in her eyes and I wish that I was there Chorus Bridge: Am D Well its a combination of the beauty and the beast G G/F# Em And the temperature of that rollin’ high hill country creek Am D And it will take your breath away Chorus

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