Foot Ox


Foot Ox

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E              A           B                A    B      E 
come lift your finger over mine you wont be over a long time 
E         A              B                  A      B       E 
or in the winter heading south you can't be living in your mouth 
      A    B                 A     B     E         
your mouth i'm not sure what i was sure about 
 A    B                 A     B    G#m A B A  
about i'm not sure what i was sure about 
E          A             B                 A      B      E 
where the silent pillars grow they wont be living in the snow 
         A               B                      A      B      E            A 
or underwater with their wings they're building cities on the strings, the strings 
B              A        B        E      A 
you could only hear the boats crashing, crashing 
   B             A      B      G#m          A   B  A 
or building tiny cities on the strings, the strings 
i know that you have a dream waiting at night beneath the flower 
G#m            A 
painted sheets below the cealing,  
oh beneath slowly it needs to breathe in deep to let it breathe 
   G#m             A                 B                    A 
so it can see this world it loves is spinning around it's hard 
    B               A 
and now spit on her arms(?) 
G#m          A                   B       E 
but it can't breathe untill this room is dead 

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