Eric Church

I'm Just Sayin

Eric Church

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I'm Just Sayin


C                   Am 
Don't ask me if you don't wanna know 
F           G                C 
Wind me up, watch me go on a tear 
       Am                    F                    G  
Like a bear in a den, like a lion in a pen that's mad 
           C                Am 
I've never been too good at walking that line 
       F                  G 
Rather take my ticket and pay my fine 
       C              Am                  F                 G  
It's a shame when the name of the game is not making nobody mad 

C Am F I'm Just sayin' what's slippin' off the tip of my tongue G C Am F Somebody call 911, get the PC police on my ass G C Am F Have 'em lock me up for sayin' petty old silly old facts G C Am F Yeah I oughta not talk like that, especially when I'm drinking F G C Am F G But I'm just sayin' what everybody's thinkin'
C Am Better keep it to yourself, loose lips sink ships F G Better lock it up tight, don't shoot from the hip C Am F G Wanna hear how you feel But whatever you do boy don't get real C Am Might hurt his feelings, might hurt her pride F G Don't wanna be wrong, don't wanna take sides C Am It ain't cool, it aint fair F G You're confusing me with somebody who cares Chorus Bridge: Am G F C I can't say grass, I can't say stoned, gotta leave cocaine out of my song Am G F G So much weight on a little bitty of word, if you ask me its all absurd. Chorus

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