Chi Lenno

Such A Long Time

Chi Lenno

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Such A Long Time

	  		Intro A/D  D  A/D  D 

     A/D          D                  F#m7 
It's been such a long time since you said good-bye 
       Bm7                       Em7 
I remember I thought it would be easy to forget you 
        G/A        A7 
And to find a new love 
     A/D    D          F#m7       Bm7 
Because I knew what it was to be alone 
                Em7                    G/A   A7 
But not what it was to be without you 
F/G                                    C7+ 
Till yesterday I thought I was really over you 
F/G                                 C7+                  A/D D  
But today I must recognize only you turn me upside down 
F#m7        Bm7             Em7              G/A   A7 
And no one knows to love me like you used to do 
F#m7        Bm7             Em7              G/A   A7                
And no one knows to love me like you used to do 

F7+        C/E 
I need the sun of your eyes 
Bm/D                C7+ 
The beauty of your smile 
Am7                 Dm7 
The freedom of your hair 
Am7                  Dm7             
The comfort of your shoulder 
     Bb7+         C7 
The life of your words 
         F7+                 Em7  G/A  A7 
And the warmth of your arms 

F/G                                C7+ 
Without you every thing is so much harder to face 
F/G                              C7+               A/D  D  
Spring, fall, summer and winter seem all the same 
F#m7    Bm7 
You may not believe, but every time 
F#m7      Bm7                    Em7 
I think about love I think about you 
                           G/A             A7 
And it's just by your side where I wanna stay 

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