Band of Oz


Band of Oz

cavaco Beginner beginner

by  FLINT49

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Band of Oz 
Intro: (Horns)     Cmaj7     Dm     Cmaj7     Dm     Cmaj7     Dm     Cmaj7 
                          Dm   Em   F   G  

              Cmaj7         Dm                    Cmaj7               Dm  
I’ve been all over the country, playing music here and there  
                       Cmaj7             Dm                Cmaj7               Dm  
I’ve been from Maine to F. L. A, the people disco-ing every where  
                   Fmaj7                   Em              Dm                    Cmaj7  
But there’s something I got to tell you, girl when I get back home  
         Fmaj7                 Em                      Dm                      G  
Way back to the Carolinas, the way we dance it can’t be wrong  

                      Cmaj7               Dm              Cmaj7                         Dm  
‘Cause we’re shaggin’ in the daytime and boppin’ all through the night  
          Cmaj7                             Dm            Cmaj7              Dm Em F G  
Well, everybody’s dancin’ and singin’, the feeling it’s so right, Baby. 

Intro Again:     Cmaj7     Dm     Cmaj7    Dm     Cmaj7     Dm     Cmay7  
                       Dm   Em   F   G  

                 Cmaj7           Dm                             Cmaj7        Dm  
It’s to the beach in the summer, to get some sand in my shoes  
          Cmaj7                                Dm                        Cmaj7                      Dm  
Well, everybody’s laughing and singin’, ‘cause you know they just can’t lose  
                  Fmaj7                   Em                          Dm                Cmaj7  
You see we’re dancing in the streets, well there’s parties every where  
      Fmaj7                        Em           Dm                   G  
It’s something for you to see, girl I’d like to take you there 


Break: Sax solo over verse chords 

             Fmaj7                 Em                Dm                      Cmaj7  
Well at night there in the clubs or way down on fraternity row  
             Fmaj7                   Em                    Dm                                G  
Well, everybody’s coming out ‘cause they don’t want to miss the show 



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