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Losing Streak Banjo

Adam Brand

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Losing Streak

  		Intro: G C G C 
That tinpot town went and spat me out  
Onto that eastern track  
My Dad he gave me a month or two  
Before the city spat me back  
A flat bed truck picked me up  
And I crossed that great divide  
I had 3 good days 'til I spent my pay  
 C                      D 
Now I'm on a downward slide 

G C G D Oh I'm on a losing streak G C Down a paddle I'm up the creek G Mercy be D G G C G G C G I'm on a losing streak
G The city don't place any worth C On a small town rouseabout G I've never seen so many folks C But so few who'll help you out D Got a kitchen job to earn a bob C Doing nine hours every night D I called my Dad about six weeks in C D And said "Ya mongrel, you were right!" Repeat Chorus Instrumental: Em A Em A C D C D Repeat Chorus G Mercy be D G C G I'm on a losing streak G Mercy be D G C G C G C G I'm on a losing streak Lord have mercy (spoken)

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