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Caution Bass Tab

Bob Marley

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by Junior+Herbsman

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Year: 1970 - Album: Best Of The Wailers

Key:  Em More
Caution Key BmBm
Caution Key CmCm
Caution Key C#mC#m
Caution Key DmDm(one step down)
Caution Key D#mD#m(half step down)
Caution Key EmEm(original key)
Caution Key FmFm(half step up)
Caution Key F#mF#m(one step up)
Caution Key GmGm
Caution Key G#mG#m
Caution Key AmAm
Caution Key A#mA#m
  		Introdução (Solo Guitarra) - Repetir 4X até entrar no Canto 
Canto 2 (2X) 
Canto 3 (4X) 
|----------------7--9------------------|Repetir Canto 2 
Repetir Introdução 6X 
Repetir Canto 2 
Repetir Canto 3 até o Final 

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