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Hi ho silver lining Chords

Jeff Beck

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by ojkrem

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Hi ho silver lining

Intro A (dampened) 
You're everywhere and nowhere baby,  
That's where your at 
G                  D 
Going down a bumpy hillside,  
A             E 
In your hippy hat 
Flying across the country,  
And getting fat 
G                    D 
Saying everything is groovy,  
A                    E   E7 
When your tyre's all flat 
         A     A7  
And it's Hi Ho Silver Lining,  
D            E      E7               
Anywhere you go now baby    (2nd Chorus 'well baby') 
A          A7 
I see your sun is shining,  
D                  E 
But I won't make a fuss,  
D           A 
Though it's obvious 
Flattering your beach suit baby,  
They're waving at me 
G                    D 
Anything you want is your's now,  
A                  E 
Only nothing's for free 
Life's gonna get you some day,  
Just wait and see 
G                       D 
So open up your beach umbrella,  
A                   E  E7 
While your watching TV 
Guitar Solo over verse 
Chorus x 2 to fade 


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