Trent Willmon


Trent Willmon

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Intro E

My conscience finally got to me 
Workin' 60 hours a week 
Leavin' her alone 
Bored to death at home 
So one day I asked off early 
I dropped that bottle of wine 
When I flipped on the light 
C            B     E 
You can't im agine my 

G Surp rise C They were havin' a real good time G Yeah, I nearly lost my mind D When I saw the leather an' spikes C G Ar ound her neck C And he was handcuffed to my bed G I thought he was my fr iend F D Guess it was all lies F C F C D Surp rise
Verse E The judge gave her all I had And he did the same for my old friend A Yeah, his Lexus and his house All went to his spouse E So when I moved out He just moved in B He went back to get his drawers At the place he lived before C B E Guess who answered the door?
G Sur prise C I hooked up with his ex- wife G Who's prettier and sweeter than mine D Now we're living in his ex-high- rise C G Ja cuzzi bath C Yeah, we sit back in them bubbles and laugh G While they're livin' in my run down shack F D Yeah, serves them right F C F C D Surp rise
E Surp rise... G Surp rise C Yeah, that trip to Maui sure was nice G Oh, in Vegas we rolled the dice D Now it's steak and taters every night C G Next week end C We're headed off to Disney land Yeah, I knew he was rich But, DAMN!!!!!!! F D Hell, I can ret ire.... F C F C D Sur prise
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